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"We have taken on the task of exhibiting our talents to encourage other youth throughout or community. We are committed to cultivate, encourage, and deliver a positive message with the hopes that everyone will be inspired."


Who We Are

Colorado CommUNITY Elite Drill Team is a non-profit youth organization whose sole purpose is to unite youth of all ethnicities with the intent of creating, self-confident, resilient goal seekers and goal achievers. 

We offer programs that work on the whole child. Educational, Financial, Spiritual, and Physical. 


I am extremely grateful that my daughter, Jayda is apart of the C.C.E.D.T. family. The organization supports my child's growth in many ways. Jayda has come out of her shell, become a leader and made new friends. I am happy my daughter has a positive outlet within her community. 
This Sisterhood is exactly what my niece(s) need to stay focused on what matters most in their lives, God and themselves! They have great Teachers/Coaches and friends that motivate them to do their best and treat people with respect. They are definitely creating STRONG foundation for future Elite Drillers to become a part of. 

This Drill Team serves more than one purpose.  It is truly something exciting for these young girls to do! It also exposes them to the world in a safe and positive way.  They also learn about their own character and that of others thereby, creating wisdom that goes a long way!  I love having a group that is on the same page and we reiterate eachother.❤

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