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Young Queens Conference 

The Inaugural Young Queens Conference is coming to Denver, CO. Be ready Denver! We're looking to encourage and inspire all the Young Queens in the metropolitan area. The Young Queens Conference is a program for young minority women who aspire to learn how to be successful in various aspects of life, including school, business, careers, finances and relationships to name a few.
Young women 13-23 years old will receive mentoring, life guidance and words of wisdom from well-accomplished Queens in the community.
This will be an educational, uplifting and inspirational event, full of positive encouragement. College Scholarships and other prizes will be awarded to a few lucky attendees. The date for the conference in Denver is May 6th, 2023. There will be limited seating, so all young women must pre-register to reserve a Young Queen seat. This will be a powerful and uplifting event. We will also have FUN and lunch will be served. Be sure to register now and bring someone with you. The Young Queens that bring the most guests will receive a special prize. You don't want to miss out!

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